Volia is a partnership platform fostering target tech-rich projects in defense, research, manufacturing, and education fields that protect and boost well-being in Ukraine.


We believe freedom and will are fundamental human rights. And as such are well worth working towards and fighting for. As Ukrainians by origin, we hold both close to our hearts. The Ukrainian trident, the national symbol of Ukraine, has Volia (Воля) encoded in it. “Воля” in its turn is translated with three English words: wish, freedom, and will. We see all three of them as actions necessary to achieve "volia". First one needs to have a wish, an inner desire of sorts, then comes the will to take responsibility, and finally freedom to execute it.

On a societal and international level we believe Ukraine should be able to define itself as its society wishes, yet be responsible for choices made.
We believe in Ukraine, which allows citizens to create spaces where people can meet, partner, and execute on projects fostering volia. While some of those will be inherently leaps of faith and bets with inherent risk factors, we stand for owning choices made and learning from both past and future experiences.


To achieve this vision one would need Ukraine to be an open democratic state with rule of law and fundamental freedoms exercised in daily life of its citizens. Volia will support, foster and initiate projects that are driving towards an independent, sovereign, and free state of Ukraine with rule of law at its helm.

Volia promotes and supports other organizations aligned on democratic choice of Ukrainian people. Volia fosters development of cooperative space, an ecosystem of NGOs and institutions contributing towards the resilience of Ukraine’s democratic choice. The choice that ensures freedom, human rights and dignity in Ukraine.

While freedom requires support all across the globe, we are doing what we can with resources we have. We are open to share our learnings and paths with anyone sharing similar values, yet choose to focus on building civil society in Ukraine.


Volia is a registered non-profit organization working with individual donors, institutional donors and businesses. Volia functions based on principles of accountability and transparency, which streams to the Ukrainian NGO ecosystem. Volia supports Ukraine, its territorial integrity and ability to defend itself along with the legal, internationally recognized, and democratically elected government of Ukraine.

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